Use our gift guide for women and men

Make your present shopping quick and pain-free this year with our guidance for present tips for all the various individuals in your life.

The book lovers in your life initially seem like the simplest person to buy for, books naturally, however then when you begin to think 'what sort of book?', 'do they like this author?', 'have they currently got this one?', you begin to feel just as lost as in the past. To simplify this and without destroying the surprise that needs to always accompany a present by simply asking which book they would like we advise buying a coupon for a popular book shop such as the one Elliott Management owns. By doing this they can go shopping to their heart's content for whatever book they 'd like, and there is no fear of purchasing the wrong presents.

If you're a creative type, why not take the shopping need out of the way completely? You can hand make presents such as cookies, or brownies, or cakes, or any other sweet reward in fact in a container. All you need to do is weigh out the proper amount of each ingredient except for the lid and add them all one by one into a mason container, tie a ribbon and a hand-written gift tag and you have the ideal customised gifts.

For the film enthusiast in your life it would be so easy to buy them a cinema gift card or a generic present however rather why not show them you care this year by treating them to some genuinely unique and unique gifts? Inflexion recently bought a business dedicated to experience days which offer a number of journeys such as a premium movie theater club experience for 2 at a personal cinema. These sites offer a series of experiences that differ by place and by category, so they are absolutely worth having a look at for when in a lifetime experience.

For the tourist in your life, they're constantly on the go, they pack light and just carry what's essential with them. So, what in the world are you meant to buy someone like this? There are many ideas you might follow but the majority of the generic gifts for visitors such as passport holders and baggage tags have been done. Rather, think outside the box, the Tile Mate company have developed some unique gadgets which come in a range of sizes and styles that you can attach to a keyring or slot into a device such as a phone, passport, bag, you call it. You can then track the gadget from your phone. This is the best present for visitors as it permits them to keep their belongings safe and avoids any incidents when things go missing out on.

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